Film 1900:

Technology, Perception, Culture

Klaus Kreimeier, Annemone Ligensa
Joseph Garncarz, Nicola Glaubitz, Klaus Kreimeier, Annemone Ligensa, Martin Loiperdinger, Ian Christie, Scott Curtis, Thomas Elsaesser, Tom Gunning, Andrea Haller, Frank Kessler, Andreas Killen, Henning Schmidgen, Jörg Schweinitz, John Sedgwick, Harro Segeberg, Ben Singer, Pelle Snickars, Michael Wedel

John Libbey Publishing, New Barnet 2009
ISBN-Nr.: 0861966961

The current digital revolution has sparked renewed interest in the origins and trajectory of modern media. From today’s perspective, it is particularly fruitful and fascinating to revisit the similar, yet different media culture around 1900. The collection aims to synthesise and expand the understanding of early cinema as a significant innovation in media history. It brings together classic positions of scholarship and fresh insights from a wide variety of approaches. The essays describe and explain early cinema’s aesthetic and institutional characteristics and contextualise them in the contemporary media landscape. Transcultural developments, such as scientific revolutions, industrialisation, urbanisation and globalisation, but also cultural specificity, such as differing attitudes towards modernisation, receive consideration. Hence, the collection aims to rethink early cinema’s position in cultural history, by addressing the relevant dimensions of continuity as well as change.


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